How to Fix Lenovo Laptop Sound is not working Error Message?

Sometimes, Lenovo Laptop Sound is not working may boggle your mind. In fact, sometimes, such error message may crash your operating system. You need to keep reading this blog to Fix Lenovo Laptop Sound is not working error message on the spot.

If you use Lenovo system & ever get run-time errors then this blog will be an effective mean. The blog will play an integral role in fixing the errors in the well-organized manner. If you want to fix the audio problem in your laptop then you need to contact Lenovo Laptop Support. To make a contact with tech-savvy experts, you need to go through modes—remote, online, or telephone. Plus, you can use the most used electronic devices. In the wish-list, use phone, remote software, or Internet-connected computer to contact experts.

Here are a few tips:

  • You need to check volume control clicks on the sound icon of system tray. You don’t need to see red circle over there. Raise the volume bar to fix such kind of problems.
  • You need to check volume of the application. For example, you are watching “You Tube” then you need to turn on the volume.

If you wish to sort such kind of issues then follow the steps as given below:

Steps to Troubleshoot Lenovo Laptop Sound is not working:

Here are a few steps to resolve Lenovo Laptop sound is not working error message:

  • You need to go to sound icon locates at lower-right of the computer screen.
  • Get to the system tray to right-click onit to choose “playback devices”
  • You need to right-click on “blank space” to select “Show Disabled devices”.

Fix No Sound Problem

  • You need to choose speakers to click on “Set Default” button.

Fix Lenovo Laptop Sound is not working error

  • Once you have disabled it, right-click on speakers to choose “Enable”.
  • You need to click on “OK”
  • Under the given playback tab, you need to double-click on Speakers which you have selected by default. After that, you need to open properties.
  • Now, you need to go to advanced tab under “Speaker Properties”.
  • After that, you need to change bit rate to either 24bit/192000Hz or 24bit/44100 Hz. It all depends on speaker configuration.
  • You need to click on “Apply”
  • Click “OK” to save real-time changes.
  • You need to check sound play on your device.

Still, getting the same No Sound issue?

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