How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x800705b4 in Lenovo PC?

Were you updating your Windows 10 on Lenovo machine? If yes, have you ever gotten Update error 0x800705b4? Is it? So, Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x800705b4 Lenovo PC with the help of techies or blog.

This blog will play an integral role in executing the troubleshooting steps. The blog has divided into two parts. 1st part lets readers on how to connect Lenovo Support techies & basic knowledge. 2nd part lets readers resolve such issue by executing the solutions one by one.

Now come to the point how to build a connection with Lenovo techie. Being a staunch Lenovo user, you can approach three channels:

Online Channel: use services—emailing, live chat, FAQ, query form filling, & video call etc.

Remote Channel: install remote software to let techies fix your error point-to-point Or example, you can use the team viewer as remote software.

Phone Channel: in the case, the limitless toll-free facility available. So, converse experts anytime, anywhere!

Here are a few prerequisite checkpoints you need to note down:

Checkpoint 1: Start windows on your Lenovo device in the Safe mode.

Checkpoint 2: Use the Antivirus Software Program

Checkpoint 3: Use the “Windows updates” service daily

Checkpoint 4: Roll back the unrequired version of driver to formal one

Checkpoint 5: Daily Check your Primary/Secondary Memory Space

Let’s give a damn at the solutions I am going to line up one-by-one:


Solutions to Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x800705b4 Lenovo PC:

Solution # 1:-Uncheck “get updates for other Microsoft products when you update windows”

  • You need to open “Windows updates”.
  • You need to hit on “Advanced options”
  • Uncheck the option “get updates for other Microsoft products when you updates windows”
  • The windows update process must complete. ( KeyNote: run windows updates more than one to get updates one-by-one)
  • When you get option“Your device is up to date”, and thengo to the “Advanced options”.
  • Now, re-select the option to “get updates for other Microsoft products”
  • You need to check for updates again.
  • You will be able to download & install new windows updates.

Solution # 2:- Delete Windows Defender on the Temporary note

  • You need to click on the “Search” Windows icon. The icon positions right next to the “Start” Menu icon. After that, you need to type “Defender”.

windows 10 anniversary update error 0x800705b4

  • When you get “Windows Defender” option, you need to hit on “Settings”

system update error code 0x800705b4

  • Turn off the “Real-time protection option” option by hitting on the “on-off toggle”
  • Turn off the “Cloud-based Protection” option by hitting on the “on-off toggle”.
  • Then, close the settings window.
  • After that, “Windows Defender app” window will display in the red.

Windows 10 Update Error 0x800705b4

  • Now on, you need to follow the steps 3 onwards given in solution # 1.

Solution # 3: Execute“Windows Update” in the Clean Boot

You need to execute a clean boot on your Lenovo machine. In the clean boot, windows updates one by one.

Solution # 4: Try Microsoft Updated Troubleshooter on Lenovo system

  • You need to run the “Windows Update Troubleshooter”.
  • You need to restart the “Windows Update service” on Lenovo system.
  • Find—How to restart Windows Update service” See below
  • To restart the “Windows Update service”, open “command prompt window”. You can use CMD window with Admin login process.
  • You need to enter “net stop wuauserv” ( without double quotes)
  • You need to wait for “confirmation message”
  • Enter net start wuauserv on CMD box.
  • Now, wait for the “confirmation message”

Are you coming across any problems while executing the solutions?

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