Instructions to Troubleshoot “Lenovo Error 1962”

Lenovo is a multinational conglomerate producing laptops and electronic devices for several years. Its laptops are durable and have a sturdy build quality as well. But, it is not free from glitches just like the Lenovo error 1962. This error will not let the users start the system at all.

Error 1962 means the BIOS is unable to find a source to boot the operating system from. Hence, it shows that the operating system is not found. But nothing to worry, you can fix this error with this easy guide.

Why Does Lenovo Error 1962 Occur?

There are various reasons for Lenovo laptops to show this error. For instance, it could be the outdated BIOS which is not able to detect the boot source. Windows is an advanced operating system and it keeps updating in the background. Windows 10 may have caused the incompatibility with the legacy BIOS configuration on Lenovo laptops.

Other reasons for Lenovo Error 1962 can be hardware malfunction like the SATA cable could have worn out with time. There can be a serious implication of hard disk failure as well. The CMOS battery might have expired which means the BIOS is unable to remember the last configuration in which Windows booted successfully.

Lenovo error 1962

Fix Error 1962 On Lenovo Laptops With These Steps

  • To fix Lenovo Error 1962, try to boot into BIOS settings. BIOS is the motherboard’s firmware responsible for communication between hardware devices and software. To open BIOS, power on the PC and keep pressing the F8 button when the laptop starts. After the initial Lenovo logo, a prompt will be displayed entering BIOS.
  • After entering the BIOS setting, go to restore tab. Navigate to Reboot to last known configuration and hit enter. It will ask for confirmation. Press Y and it should boot without any issue.
  • If the above solution didn’t work, then you need to boot into BIOS settings again. Now go to Boot Devices tab and select Boot device priority. It prioritizes which device will be used for booting. Make sure the hard disk is selected at the top. Hit the F10 key and reboot.
  • Incompatible BIOS mode may also cause Lenovo Error 1962 on Lenovo laptops. Try to change the BIOS to UEFI mode. UEFI is a modern booting mechanism developed by Microsoft for better compatibility. To change the mode, go to BIOS and look for Boot Mode under the Boot tab. Change the Boot Mode to UEFI. If it’s already UEFI, then change it to Legacy. Sometimes Legacy mode fixes the incompatibility between operating system and hardware.

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Boot into Safe mode:

  • Power on the laptop and keep pressing the F9 key while booting. It should boot into safe mode. Safe mode is an isolated Windows environment where maximum compatibility is used to boot the system. In this mode, there is no third-party interference. So you can easily diagnose the problem.
  • The latest update can cause Lenovo Error 1962. Look for Programs and Features and then navigate to installed updates. Uninstall the latest update and restart your PC. If the system still doesn’t boot, then open System Restore. Choose the date and it will restore the PC to the previous working build.

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