How To Troubleshoot Lenovo Laptop Charger Issue?

Facing Lenovo Laptop Charger issues while using Lenovo Laptops are quite common among users. There can be various issues which cause the charger problem. Mainly it occurs due to a loose connection or failure of the adapter itself. You can solve all of the problems very effectively, so there is nothing to worry. Moreover, all technical gadgets show up problems sometimes, and that’s okay.

Probable Reasons Behind Lenovo Laptop Charger Issue

  • The charger may have some damage or faulty causing you the issue.
  • If your motherboard is not up to date, then its very obvious for you to face such errors.
  • There can be a problem with the AC Adapter resulting you Lenovo Laptop Charger Issues.
  • There can be a problem with the transformer as it is possible that the battery that is worn out, and it will no more carry a charge than the charger transformer.
  • Some problems with the circuit in the charger can cause such issues to prevail.

These might be other problems behind the Laptop charger problem. You should learn how to repair Lenovo Charger Adapter issue with the easy hacks.

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Simple Steps To Restore Lenovo Laptop Charger Issues

Lenovo Laptop Charger Issue

Before you dispose of the dead battery of your Lenovo Laptop Charger securely, commence from the first measure to discover how to hack the battery terminal back to life all over again.

Step 1: Separate the battery from your Lenovo laptop. It must contain two catches; you can push them to unlock and push it out.

Step 2: Open the battery independently. You may also require some tolerance and a sharpened flathead screwdriver or a butter knife.

Step 3: You can notice 6-8 blocks attached to a circuit slat. This block is the controller of the battery. Study near the connector to detect the circuit board, and investigate the coils. Meticulously test every block by a multimeter to assure that there are cells with full discharge.

Step 4: Obtain a record of where the wires join. Also, it is significant.

Step 5: Apply an electric welding machine to segregate the cells from the cables. Then exert them out from the case.

Step 6: Furthermore, weld the different cells collectively.

Step 7: Seat the different cells in the case. Place back the cables and batteries.

Step 8: In conclusion, seat both series of blocks back coincidentally. Also, allow it to pause for roughly 48 hours.

Step 9: Now your task is finished! Enter the battery and start charging. Switch it on, and you’re back in your work.

These are the steps to hack a dead battery. Go through the steps collectively and furthermore, contact us if you cannot resolve the issue correctly.

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