How To Turn Off Touch Screen On Lenovo Laptops?

Here are the super-quick solution details by which you can know how to turn off touch screen on Lenovo laptops. These steps will only take a minute or two to disable the touch screen of your PC without a hassle. These solutions can be helpful to you in disabling the touch input on Lenovo devices ranging from tablet to desktop and others.

Why To Turn Off Touch Screen?

Switching off the touch screen service from any Lenovo device, such as tablet could be useless since it is the primary source of input to that device. Rather, it is more meaningful and works well on the devices such as Lenovo laptops.

However, sometimes you may come across several issues which can hinder you from turning off the touch-screen service from your Lenovo device. This is where the role of learning how to turn off touch screen on Lenovo Laptops steps in.

Turn Off Touch Screen On Lenovo

Steps To Turn Off Touch Screen On Lenovo Laptops | Dial +1-844-200-2814 Toll-Free

To confirm whether the device you have bought is touch-screen or not, just tap on the screen to see if it responses or not. Else, to ensure that you have not been cheated by the seller with a non-touch device, here is what you can do:

  • Visit the Start menu, then open My Computer by tapping right on it. Else, click on the Windows icon by right tapping on it.
  • Then hit on System and view the details from it. Next, go to Pen and Touch tab.
  • If the chosen tab is not available for the Display, then it indicates that the device LCD is not touch screen.
  • If you see the option of 10 Touch Points With Full Windows Touch Support, then it denotes that the LCD of the device is touch screen. Well, it is important to note that, the touch screen details may differ for different hardware of Lenovo.
  • Now, execute the following instructions to disable the Lenovo touch screen:
  • Hit on the Start button and further click on the Device Manager. Otherwise, navigate to the Device Manager by searching it from the search bar of device Windows. Then choose the tab of device for human interface.
  • Next, check for the option saying touch screen from the device interface tab. For instance; some of the Lenovo devices show this option HID-compliant touch screen. Then turn off the Disable option by right-clicking on it.

In case this workaround doesn’t help you, then move to the below strategies to know how to turn off touch screen on Lenovo.

Further Strategies To Turn Off Touch Screen On Lenovo Laptops

Solution 1: Reboot the Lenovo Device

  • Sometimes, the touch screen service may still be active even after trying out the disabling procedure. Therefore, try to reboot the system and let the system put the changes (made before reboot) into effect.
  • Simply, press and hold on to the Windows logo button from the keyboard. Then click the mouse on the Windows Start menu. Next, hit the Tab button to access the Power section and hit on Enter. After that, highlight the Restart option through the arrow keys and further tap on Enter to execute the process.
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Solution 2: Install The Updates To Recent Version

  • Sometimes, using the same system version for a long time can prevent you from deactivating the touch screen. Hence, it is better to look for the necessary system updates and install the same. Also, make sure that the updates are installed to their latest version.


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